Your Fairytale Wedding at Wernberg Castle

Ever dreamed of your perfect wedding day? Of choosing an extraordinary location for exchanging your vows, and of being able to fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life without any hassle? Wernberg Castle makes your wedding dreams come true, offering almost everything you can imagine when it comes to weddings – whether it’s just the two of you, planning to escape to a romantic spot to tie the knot, or whether you are thinking about a lavish wedding party on a small or grand scale.

Wernberg Castle: “Relais & Châteaux” Hotel and Gourmet Restaurant, located in Eastern Bavaria, with Registry Office and chapel.

Fairytale Castle for Magical Weddings

Wernberg Castle. Luxury accommodation. Gourmet restaurant. Romantic fortress. Surrounded by the stunning panorama of the green hills of the Bavarian Oberpfalz, the meticulously restored castle is located in one of Germany’s most beautiful countryside. Within easy distance from Munich, Nuremberg, the World Heritage City of Regensburg and the Golden City of Prague, Wernberg Castle is the perfect venue for your fairytale wedding. Indulge yourself in the ambience of luxury and lavishness provided by a “Relais & Châteaux” Hotel, including our royal Bridal Suite. Discover the culinary delights created by our 2 Star Chef Thomas Kellermann. And as it happens, Registry Office and a medieval chapel are also on-site...

Wernberg Castle
Wedding Planner

Planning The Wedding of Your Dreams

Joining “the One” at the aisle, saying “I do”. That’s pretty much all you need to do when choosing Wernberg Castle as the venue for your wedding. Because we take care of everything else. Down to the very detail. We love to. We want you to fully enjoy the most beautiful day in your life. No hassles. This day belongs to you. We make sure everything is as you want it to be: the surroundings, the setting, the site. Upon request, our experienced and friendly wedding planner Renata and her team are glad to help you with all aspects related to your fairytale wedding, from the initial brainstorming to a fully developed “script” for the Big Day. For more information, please contact:

Nadine Mauderer
(Wedding Planner, Wernberg Castle)
Phone: +49 (0)9604 939 450

Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams with Nadine Mauderer
Wedding Ceremony

A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot

Whatever type of ceremony you choose - civil marriage, church wedding, Catholic, Protestant, or Anglican, whatever setting you prefer - Registry Office, castle chapel or alfresco - we make wedding ceremonies at any scale and comprising all religious affiliations a truly memorable and unique experience. Whether it’s just the two of you, totally low-key, but nevertheless looking for a romantic venue with great ambience. Or whether you plan a lavish wedding on a truly grand scale, involving each and every corner of the castle. No problem at all - the castle can be entirely yours for a day or two. ‘Cause there’s always room in Paradise.

  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot
  • Wedding at Wernberg Castle - A Truly Unique Way to Tie the Knot

A Location Like None Other

Wernberg Castle isn’t just accommodation and restaurant, massive castle walls and succulent greens. It also features a caringly restored medieval chapel and a Registry Office. And there are almost no boundaries when it comes to where exactly you and your guests celebrate your dream wedding. Whether you opt for elaborately decorated halls, the more private atmosphere of the courtyard, somewhere alfresco on the castle grounds, or for the cosy castle lounge – the possibilities are endless.

The First Floor of Wernberg Castle The Ground Floor of Wernberg Castle
Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard

Comfortably sheltered and private, the inner courtyard is the ideal place to welcome your guests.

The Moat

The Moat

Whether you fancy getting married alfresco, hosting your wedding reception in the open air, or plan to surprise your guests with a fireworks display – the scenery of the moat provides a truly unique setting to orchestrate all your ideas, to make one of your most memorable days even more memorable.

Registry Office

Registry Office

Exchange vows – in Wernberg Castle’s Timberframe Chamber, which also happens to be the official Registry Office of Wernberg-Köblitz.

St. George Chapel

St. George Chapel

The 15th century chapel is the perfect backdrop for movingly romantic wedding ceremonies, performed by a cleric of your affiliation.

The Great Hall

Fürstensaal (The Great Hall)

The Great Hall is the largest room of the castle. Elaborately furnished, the Great Hall provides the background for lavish and glamorous wedding party splendour.

The Private Hall

Kaminsaal (The Private Hall)

Great ambience and a charming setting for all those who prefer more intimate celebrations with friends and family. The balcony commands a wonderful scenic view of the castle grounds.

The Kastell - 2 Star Gourmet Restaurant

The Kastell (2 Star Gourmet Restaurant)

Michelin 2 star Chef Thomas Kellermann regales your guests with his exceptional culinary creations, which are served with exquisite wines selected and stocked by our in-house expert sommelier.

Food & Catering

Star Cuisine Above and Beyond

The name Thomas Kellermann has gained an excellent reputation among culinary aficionados. Which means that your Big Day will also include a remarkable culinary experience. Let yourself be entranced by Thomas Kellermann’s ingenious gustatory delights and exceptional creations. It’s not for nothing that the former head of the Vitrum at the Berlin Ritz now ranks among the crème de la crème of Bavarian chefs, having been awarded 2 Michelin stars (Gault Millau) in 2011. Thomas is happy to compose a very special wedding menu for you, including wedding cake, midnight snack and delicious little appetizers during the pre-ceremonial reception. All of which at star quality level, of course.

  • Standout feature: the wedding cake
  • A truly royal reception: appetizers and peerie delicacies, served in the castle courtyard
  • Fabulous feast: exclusive 2 star menu
  • An eclectic selection of wines from the castle’s own cellars, stocked by expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand
  • 2 star Chef Thomas Kellermann is looking forward to regaling you with his exceptional cuisine

The Sky’s the Limit

Most couples have their very own ideas of what constitutes the perfect wedding, including their fav tunes, entertainment, highlights, moments to be cherished forever, and, naturally, making sure that everything’s running smoothly on the day. The best about Wernberg Castle is that we are as much committed to make your wedding day the perfect day as you are. Whatever your ideas or wishes, our friendly and professional wedding planner helps you planning and orchestrating your Big Day down to the very last detail. So, why not talking to us about your ideas and needs? Alternatively, why not letting us come up with a truly unique script for the most beautiful day in your life? Even if your decision to get married is of recent origin, or absolutely super-spontaneous, don’t worry. We help you make your wedding ceremony a truly magical moment.

Examples of enjoyable and well-received supporting entertainment include:

Traditional Crossbow Shooting

Arrange for a traditional crossbow competition in the inner courtyard. The Wernberg Archery & Rifle Association is very happy to introduce you to crossbow shooting, explain the techniques involved and act as competition judges. Goes without saying that the top marksman/markswoman will be duly celebrated at the end of the competition.

Guided Torch Tour

To appropriately mark the end of an extraordinary evening, we recommend joining Martin, the Castle Sentry, on one of his rounds. Martin meets you on-site and gives you a guided tour of the castle, whilst entertaining you with tales from the castle’s long and gripping history. Before you set off, Martin provides you with an humorously delivered insight into various topics related to castle security – including those from half a millennium ago.

Wine Testing

Take a gustatory journey through Franconia’s vineyards: Join expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand in the recently refurbished cellars and sample some of Franconia’s outstanding wines. Served with a selection of savoury snacks from the castle kitchen.

Actors & Performers

Clad in historical costumes, our actors and performers revive the splendour of mid 16th century court life. Experience the court etiquette of times long past, the romantic poetry written and dedicated to each other by lovers, the seductive art of using a fan, or join a 17th century dance master for a lesson in menuetting. Our performers mingle with your guests, making conversation and are always happy to have their picture taken. They direct the happening with skill and charm, also passing on information if you like them to. Your guests may either choose to partake actively, or simply enjoy the spectacle. Our performers are real eye-catchers, adding a definite je ne sais quoi to any of your events.

Fire Performance

Fire, the most mysterious of all elements, awakening age-old deeply-rooted desires. Magic and mysticism have been fascinating human beings since the dawn of time. And fire performance is still one of the top attractions among performing arts.
Whether the subject is mystic, enchanted, medieval, futuristic or contemporary, most fire performance artists cover a wide range of different shows, surprising you with mind-blowing sets and stunning effects. Experience the mesmerizing archaic world of fire dancing, juggling, object manipulation and amazing illusions.

Choose from a variety of performance themes including:

  • Poetic
  • Mystic
  • Action-packed
  • Comedy/humour
  • Fire dancing

The Night of All Nights (And Beyond)

The two of you, alone. Eventually. Enjoy this very special night in our Bridal Suite, definitely the gem among our suites, featuring a gorgeous and ultra-comfy canopy bed. Or retire to one of our elegantly furnished rooms, to end this remarkable day in style with a glass of champagne. The choice is yours. The next morning, you will be in for another treat: a delicious breakfast in bed. And don’t worry. All your family, friends and guests will also be well accommodated for the night. Simply choose from and reserve our other exclusive rooms and suites, all of which are providing the highest levels of comfort. For impressions that last...

The Bridal Suite: Standout feature of each and every fairytale wedding
Just the Two of You Alone Together at Wernberg Castle

Just the Two of You Alone Together

Just the two of you – can it get any more romantic? Add to this an absolute dream of a Bridal Suite, furnished with a canopy bed of royal proportions, the in-house restaurant with its exquisite 2 star cuisine, the romantic chapel – in short, Wernberg Castle is the place to choose if you plan to make your Big Day a day for two. Maybe you even consider staying a bit longer, spending your honeymoon at the castle? After all, you already are in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive information about all the exciting things related to leisure, sport, sightseeing, and chillaxing on offer in this part of the world. Visiting from abroad? Our wedding planner and her team not only help you make your Big Day for two a truly special day but are also qualified to advise you on all technicalities of a wedding abroad.

A Day for Two

In A Nutshell...

There are countless ways to plan your wedding at Wernberg Castle. Lavish church weddings, stylish civil marriage ceremonies, just the two of you, or a grand scale society wedding - whatever you prefer, tell us more about your wedding ideas, plans and expectations. Our experienced wedding planner Nadine Mauderer and her team are glad to help you in any way they can, advising you competently and comprehensively on every single detail related to your Big Day if you like. Right from the start. Please feel free to download our wedding brochure. More information about Wernberg Castle here »

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